Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sorry for the delay, I was off getting married!  Back now, honeymoon later.
Devin could get used to waking wrapped in Nicky’s arms and sheets.  But not to the sound of the phone ringing.  This time it played a regular ringtone.  She scrambled to reach it before it roused Nicky too.  It was an off day, if she didn’t recognize the name she would just silence it and let him return the call later.  But she did recognize it.

“Nancy?” she asked.  Nicky lifted his head from the pillow beside hers, one blue eye open and his hair everywhere.  Devin put a hand over the voice receiver and mouth “my boss.”  He moved one hand to her breast and resumed sleeping.

“Sick, huh?”

Oh shit.

“From the looks of this picture, the only stomach problem you could have is if you’re pregnant.”

Oh my GOD.

“Holy crap!  Did I just call his phone?  The number you used this morning, is that Nicklas Backstrom’s number?”

And now she has his number.  Devin covered her face.  Nancy started laughing. 

“He’s there right now, isn’t he?  Bahahaha!  Okay, feel better and I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

Devin slid her thumb across the screen and tried to dissolve into the mattress.  Everyone would have seen the picture by now.  And Radio Nancy would be telling them Devin was out sick… even if she didn’t elaborate, it wouldn’t take much to assume she was hungover at best.  At worst, they’d assume Nick had broken her in half overnight.

Well, this morning, she thought.  It was impossible to keep the smile off her lips in this situation.  Nicky pretended to sleep next to her, but his breathing was too normal and the corners of his mouth twitched.

“You’re a bad actor,” Devin said.

Nicky grinned for real.  “Will she call and yell at me for you pretending to be sick?”

“She might call you for Ovi’s number.”

He rolled onto his side, pulling her with him.  She lay on her back, Nicky against her and marveled at the width of his upper body.  He propped his head up and Devin felt faint at the sight of his bicep and forearm flexing.

“Ovi give his number to everyone.  I give to your boss, tell her you need more holiday time.”

With a turn of her head, Devin pressed her lips to the bulge of his upper arm.  “We call it vacation here, but you’ll definitely get a few days in exchange.”

They kissed softly, sprawled out in the morning light that crept around his curtains.  They had nowhere to go and all day to get there.  Beneath the palm of his hand, her stomach growled.  Ever the gentleman, Nicky pulled her quickly to standing and they searched around for the clothes she’d lost that morning.  He got a shirt from the same pile and Devin whimpered sadly as he squeezed his massive upper body into it.

“No shirt, no breakfast,” he said, managing not to blush.

“Humans can go three days without food,” she informed him as she hunted around for her shoe.

“Don’t worry, we come back.”

Three days, Nicky thought.  He’d have to leave from practice and at least watch the other hockey games, but three days sounded like an okay start.  After that, maybe three more.

Devin seemed to have bounced back about the photo.  It was out there, everyone would see it.  But tomorrow it would be old news and they’d be talking about something else.  Well, maybe not the people who actually knew Devin, but if Nicky were honest he wanted them convincing Devin this was a great thing.  No matter if their motives were pure or they just wanted her shacked up with someone rich or famous.  They could push her for any reason as long as they pushed her toward him.

She still wore her top from the day before, the blue one that matched the chairs on the deck.  And it still looked as good as it ever had.  Fingers worked through her hair, separating the knots.  He’d have to take her home for fresh clothes, maybe a shower.  Or she could shower at his place.  With him.  Won’t be getting very clean.

Nicky held the car door.  As Devin came around to climb into the SUV he used her mid-step stretch as the perfect position to reach his arms around her.  She stopped in stride and dropped back against his chest.  They stood hugging in the garage without a word for almost a full minute.

On the way to breakfast, Devin’s phone rang again.  She put it on speaker.

“You are so busted,” Bryan said.  “I bet they put that photo in the staff meeting Power Point.”

“Yeah, we saw the paper.”

He laughed.  “We, she says.  Granted there’s little point in lying when you’re all over Tumblr with some Swedish guy’s tongue down your throat.”

“Speaker phone!” Devin screamed and tried to kill the feed but missed the button.  Nicky laughed over the sound of Bryan doing the same.

“Oops.  Hey Backstrom.”

“Uh, hi?” Nicky shrugged at Devin, having no idea who she was talking to.

Bryan continued.  “Sorry guys.  That wasn’t the only photo – or the only photographer, I gather.  Some of them are shitty phone pictures.  They’re not bad though, just the same.”

Nicky winced at the look on Devin’s face.  She closed her eyes and exhaled sharply, like she felt stupid for something.  He hoped it wasn’t for kissing him.  Bryan offered to police the situation and report back.

“What is Tumble?” Nicky asked.

“Tumblr.  It’s a blog site.  Like Facebook only you can post longer stuff and everyone is anonymous.  It’s… there’s a lot of gossip on there.”  She bit her lip like she was fighting an urge.

“Want to go home and look?” Nicky offered.  He felt heat rising on his neck, sure to be the kind of full-on blush he got only when really embarrassed.  It would last a while.

“No!  I mean, no.  I…,” she shook her head.  “Sorry.  I don’t care.  I want to have breakfast with you.”

The little smile she gave him lit his heart up like solar power.

You knew this would happen, she told herself.  It had been happening since the first Facebook photo.  Devin had a pretty good idea of the things she wouldn’t be able to fight in this situation – gossip and photos were two of them.  The other was the look in Nicky’s eyes when she got upset, like he might not be worth it and expected her to walk away.

The hell I will.

Devin pushed Tumblr and the Examiner into a corner of her mind to deal with later.  Then she reached a hand across the center console and put it on Nicky’s thigh.

OhGodbadidea.  She almost had to snatch it back.  His musculature was incredible and she was in no way used to being near him yet.  Those legs, so… unppffhhh was the best she could do.  A spear on desire shot right into her crotch and she shifted against it involuntarily.   Maybe breakfast could wait.

But the café was on the next block.  Devin let herself out this time, knowing another hug from Nicky might get her arrested for public indecency.  Instead she followed his perfect ass in some very Euro-fitting jeans into a cottage-style restaurant.

“Morning, Nicky,” the hostess/waitress greeted him.  “Congrats on the win.”

“Thank you,” he said.  “This is Devin, my friend.”

The older woman smiled.  “Thought you looked familiar.”

Devin slid into the booth first and was surprised when Nicky sat right next to her.  The space between the seat and table was normal, but Nicky filled it all.  Again his size surprised Devin in a way that felt an awful lot like something you’d buy at a sex shop.

“Best breakfast here,” Nicky said.  Devin told him to order his two favorite things and he carefully selected egg white omelets, one with spinach and tomatoes and one with sausage and green peppers, before excusing himself to the restroom.  While he was gone the waitress came back with coffee.

“Never seen him bring a girl in here before,” she said conspiratorially.  “The other guys yeah, but never Nicky.”

Devin smiled shyly, unsure if it was a vote of confidence or a warning.  Nicky seemed like the kind of guy that people would look out for, make sure no one took advantage of him.  Devin figured she’d have to deal with a lot of that too.

“You’re a lucky girl,” she said, turning away.

Breakfast was indeed good, and though Nicky ate one and half of the omelets he gave Devin all the home fries and greens.  He told her about growing up in Sweden, carefully choosing his words, and about his first few years in the League and getting to know the guys.  Many of the guys he played with now had always been his teammates and were certainly his best friends. 

“We spend so much time together you think we be tired of hanging out, but in off season it seem strange not to have them around.”

He paused.  Devin stopped chewing.  They didn’t look at each other but shared a thought – that off season could be four games away.  And then Devin knew he’d be gone just like everyone else.

Nicky’s hands were sticky against the steering wheel as he drove to Devin’s house.  The morning had been… well it had been amazing.  And surprising.  He kept reminding himself they had just met and tried to ignore the roaring of his bloodstream when he remembered what it was like to be inside her.  Every time her shoulder bumped his in the diner he thought he would throw her on the table.  When she touched his leg in the car he nearly ejected through the roof.  Now they were headed back to the first place he’d ever held her, ever slept next to her.  His mouth was dry.

“Mel?” Devin called as she let them into her house.  No answer from the roommate.  With a sly smile, Devin laced her hand into Nicky’s and pulled him toward the bedroom.

Thank God.

They fumbled through the doorway and toppled right onto her bed.  Nicky was kissing anything he could find – clothes, ears, lips.  Devin was pulling at the t-shirt she’d never wanted him to wear in the first place.  He lifted on to one knee and whipped the shirt off over his head.

“Oh my God,” Devin whimpered, her eyes swimming.  “That’s not fair.”

Nicky blushed.  The way she looked at him made him feel like a God, like he could do anything, like she wanted him as much as he wanted her.  He hadn’t wanted anything so much in a long time.

“You’re so…,” she tried to say but he kissed her quiet.

He couldn’t remember how many times he’d peeled that blue sweater off her, and this time he tossed it far away.  He recalled exactly how soft her skin was beneath his rough hands, how small her waist seemed in his grip.  The rise of her breast tasted exactly the same to his lips.  She squirmed beneath him.

“Can’t… reach….”

So his shifted up and let her reach, moaning as she pressed her hand along his obvious need, right over the tough fabric of his jeans.  Those needed to go immediately.  Scrambling back to his feet, Nicky wrenched down his zipper and pushed her jeans to the floor.

“Jesus, you’re killing me,” she said, eyes wider than when he’d taken off his shirt.  Devin sat up and reached for his waistband, quickly stripping him bare.  He tried to grab her jeans but she pushed him backward a step and dropped to her knees along the side of the bed.

“Wait, you don’t have to…,” he started but it was lost in a long, low moan as Devin ran the flat of her tongue over the head of his cock.  He got fully hard at the velvety brush of her mouth.

In Nicky’s experience, girls didn’t like giving blow jobs.  They did it because they thought they had to, or when they wanted something from you but didn’t want to give you everything they had.  It was like an IOU or a bargaining tool.  Not something volunteered.

Devin slipped her soft mouth over the head of his erection and teased the sensitive ridge.  Nicky moaned again and pushed his fingers into her hair, catching handfuls of the silky fall as she began to move along his shaft.  The hot, wet flick of her tongue and the pressure of her lips were heaven and he didn’t deserve it.

“Devin… oh God…,” Nicky lapsed into muttering Swedish phrases but she could barely hear them anyway.  Devin concentrated on reading the tension in his body, the movement he fought in those wide strong hips.  Part of him wanted to run it down her throat and fuck her mouth properly but Nicky was too nice for that.  He’d almost told her she didn’t have to do this.  As if she didn’t want to.

The sight of him standing naked at the edge of the bed had been too much.  His thick, muscular body strained at the confines of his skin and his hardening dick had twitched at the feel of her hand.  Shallow, ragged breaths were all he could manage.  She was soaked at the thought of him wanting her so badly.

The morning had been some kind of revelation.  There was nothing else to call it.  Devin had never felt so revered, never given or received pleasure the way Nicky had done – with attention and with intent.  He intended to make her feel good and intended to do it again.  She wanted to return to favor.

As his hands clutched her skull and guided her back through a particular movement, she knew this was the right track.  Twirling her tongue over his smooth skin she went as deep as she could and then pushed a little farther on, touching his tip to the back of her throat.  Whatever he growled in Swedish must have been good.

Her free hand grazed the soft fuzz of his thighs until he gave her just enough room to work her fingers in along his balls and gently graze them.  He cursed in English.  She almost laughed.  Then she did it again, a longer stroke, and felt his cock twitch hard inside her mouth.

It was probably mean, but Devin wanted to own him.  She wanted him gasping her name, quivering at her touch, nearly coming when she bumped against him at breakfast.  All the things he’d been doing to her.

Nicky was close to coming or passing out, or both.  He was completely lost in the squeeze of her warm mouth, knowing there was only one thing sweeter that he could imagine.

Using the strength he knew he had over Devin, Nicky did the toughest thing he in recent memory.  He pulled her off his dick, manhandled her up onto the bed and ripped off her pants.  She squealed.  Her panties were gone in a flash and he landed on top of her.  He wanted to see her face.

Those perfect lips parted as he pushed his way inside her.  She was drenched, quivering already and the idea of her getting so close over getting him so close nearly made Nicky come on the spot.  But he gritted his teeth and drove himself deep into her body.

A half-strangled was forced right out of her.  Nicky wrapped one arm around her shoulders, holding her up off the bed and close to him.  Kissing her with eyes open, he drove into her again and watched the impact ripple upward until her eyes rolled back.  He took her lips again and delivered another thrust.

“Oh God, I’m gonna….”

And she did.  Nicky pulled her down onto his cock, breaking whatever resistance she had left.  Devin came with a scream muffled against the bare skin of his chest.  The clench of her body, followed by waves of pleasure rippling along his shaft, was all he could take.  With one more thrust against the tight push of her exquisite body, Nicky came with a roar and poured himself empty inside her.

It was ten minutes before he could tell which way was the surface and which was back to the bottom of the ocean.  He lay there cradling her, spent but still fitted deep, his chest heaving.  She shook gently in his arms.  When his body began to obey his brain again, Nicky used one finger to hook a piece of hair behind Devin’s ear.  Then he kissed the spot.

“I couldn’t wait,” he said, half in apology for attacking her. 

“I probably can’t walk.”

But she could. Devin walked through the Smithsonian Natural History Museum holding Nicky’s hand and pretending to look at the exhibits.  Really she watched his shoulders roll beneath the thin fabric of his sweater, the straight line of his strong jaw beneath the ends of his hair.  A few times he could her admiring the view and pressed her against the closest prehistoric wildlife for a kiss no school group should see.

They killed hours, both wondering what to do next.  When they were on the way back to the car Nicky’s phone rang.  He gave it to Devin to answer.

“Hi Mike.”

“Damn!  Nicky’s holding it down, eh?  Please say you’re answering his phone because you’ve tied him to the bed.”

“Not yet.  We just went to the Natural History Museum.”

“Nothing like some extinct animals to make you want to procreate.”  Mike laughed.  In Devin’s mind she could see him punctuating the sentence with pelvic thrusts.  “Well if you too can stop playing Swedish meatballs long enough to have dinner, I’m having the guys over.  Girls are invited, but you have to bring someone for me with a D cup and very low standards.”

She turned to Nicky.  “Dinner at Mike’s?”


“We’re in.  Can we bring anything?”

“Condoms and cash,” Mike suggested.  “I’ve got mirrors on my ceiling but you guys will have to buy me new sheets.”

“How can you eat dinner with me screaming in the background?” she teased.

“Soundproof, baby.  Can’t have the neighbors complaining.”

Devin slipped Nicky’s phone into his back pocket and reluctantly took her hand away from the spot.  He draped an arm over her shoulder, pulled her in close and strolled down the street like they were a real couple.


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