Wednesday, June 8, 2011


You may have noticed this story just got the "adult content" warning...

Waking up in Nicky’s arms was bliss.  His heavy frame wedged into the couch cushions and held Devin on their little perch.  Waking up on the couch was something else: cramped, narrow, achy.  She twisted to look at him – hair tossed across his face, shirt sliding up the solid slab of his abdomen – and figured they wouldn’t have to worry about the couch much longer.  They were smart and they were shy, but something had to give.

He was a heavy sleeper and didn’t stir as she untangled herself and padded toward the kitchen.  There was little food aside from their dinner, but she helped herself to a shiny red apple and sat at the counter, considering her situation.  Devin came to a few conclusions:

He didn’t often have girls over.  Guys who kicked it all over town had things like orange juice and fresh bread.  They had supplies.  Devin imagined Mike’s fridge looked like a grocery store.  Nicky had some mixed greens, cheese, a couple of beers and some dodgy milk.  He wasn’t making anybody breakfast.

He would look amazing in just sweatpants, pouring Cheerios so they didn’t starve to death when they neither dressed nor left the house for a month.  That kind of sex would drain even an athlete.  Devin would eat the dodgy milk if she had to.

She was a fool to be in the kitchen when she could be wrapped around him on the couch.

There was a pile of folded shirts on the washing machine in the closet.  Devin helped herself, stuffed her strapless bra into her purse and climbed back onto the couch.  Nicky made room for her in his sleep – nestling back and then curling her in.  Always the gentleman.  She closed her eyes and lay there waiting for him to wake up.  It would either be their third date or the longest first date of her life.

Nicky half-woke as he cradled Devin in his arms.  Without knowing she’d been gone the material he felt beneath his hands was different.  Instinctively he slid both hands under the t-shirt and found her as soft and warm as he remembered.  But it triggered his brain, which reminded his body that he was spooning a very sexy girl.  And the dream he was having went right on into reality.

Mostly asleep, he rolled her onto her back and kissed her.  His hands moved against her bare skin, for the first time getting a handful of her breast.  Her nipple rose hard against his palm, then he quickly moved a hand to her backside and pulled in once, hard, so that she was wedged in underneath him.

Nicky pressed his lower body deep into Devin’s, the couch giving way just enough.  He rolled his hips, dragging the width of her thigh against the heft of his growing erection.  His lips moved to hers on their own, his hands full of her ass.  The hard round of her hip against his crotch brought him fully awake.

“Oh God, I….” But he never got to finish.  Devin’s hands were under his t-shirt, sliding it the rest of the way up his broad chest.  His hips didn’t get the message and arched down into her again, pressing his hard length along her stomach.  Still caught between a dream and reality, Nicky moaned softly.  Devin kissed him quiet.

The t-shirt he hadn’t recognized was gone in an instant.  First his hands, then his mouth, sampled her creamy breasts while she stroked against him with her lower body. He moaned again.

Devin had no idea what he’d been dreaming about, but wanted to know the reality very badly.  For him to wake up humping her it had to have been a pretty good night.

“Upstairs,” Nicky croaked.  His blue eyes were clear with intent and Devin knew she wasn’t taking advantage of anything about wanting the same thing.  She didn’t need to be asked twice.  But she didn’t take her hands off him as they half-tripped up the stairs.

Those dark gray sheets that had given them such ideas yesterday were about to earn their keep.  They tumbled down, rolling end over end, until Devin’s head rested against pillows in the far corner, facing outward.  The clock on the bedside table read 8:15 AM.

“Oh shit!” she said.  “Work!”

Nicky went dead weight across her body like a bag of sad.  “No leaving.”

“Give me your phone.” 

He was still wearing last night’s pants.  Devin punched in her boss’s number and when they heard the ringing, Nicky started kissing his way slowly down her neck.  Devin pushed at his head but he was superhero strong. 

“I swear if you…,” she hissed as the phone picked up.  “Hi Nancy, it’s Devin.  I’m really not feeling well today, I think I should stay home.  Yeah.”

Nicky dragged the flat of his tongue over her nipple.  She fought the urge to scream.

“No, a stomach thing so I don’t think it’s contagious but still… yeah.” 

He nuzzled into the round of her breast.

“Uh, yes, I did.  It was, it was awesome.  Backstrom?”

He jerked his head up, taking his lips from the skin just inside the curve of her ribcage.  She smirked at him.

“I met him.  He’s pretty cute.  Some of his teammates might be cuter….”

Nicky bit her side and she gasped silently, flopping around like a fish on land.

“Yeah, Ovi was there.  He’s pretty funny.”

He was at the waistband of her shorts, kissing along the top edge.  She twisted one hand into his hair. 

“I’ll probably see them again.  Yeah, I can do that.”

Nicky slid his finger into one belt loop and pulled down to reveal an inch of hidden skin at her hip bone.  He kissed it lightly.  Devin was speaking in short, hurried bursts.

“No problem… okay, thanks… Ihopesotoo… seeyoutomorrow.”  She threw the phone into the chair in the corner and dove down till she was level with Nicky. 

“Oh my...,” she started to laugh but he stopped her with a kiss.  A deep, hard kiss full of clear intention.  Suddenly everyone knew what they wanted, now that they were about to get it.  His big hands held her hips down into the bed and he draped his weight over her.

“… God,” she finished her thought.

She sounds surprised, Nicky thought.  He was surprised he could think at all with all the blood in his body rushing south.  It was one thing to be shy and nervous – some girls even liked it – but it was another for Devin to think he didn’t want this or worse, didn’t know what he was doing.

Because he knew.  And now that he’d been invited inside he was prepared to be a very gracious houseguest.

His shirt landed somewhere near the phone.  The palms of her hands were soft against his chest, his shoulders.  She explored the furrow of his spine and planes of his back like she was memorizing their shape, all the while kissing him hungrily.

“Your boss like hockey?” he asked her neck.

“She likes Ovi,” Devin told his hair.

“If he visit her, you get next week off?”  He felt her laugh vibrate through her stomach as his hands moved down again.  The way her back arched told him she was ticklish.  Good to know.  When he reached the front of her jeans, he paused.

“Are you sure?”

Devin looked straight into his eyes, hazel to blue, and kept on staring as her own hands moved between them.  It seemed to take forever but her gaze never wavered.  Only her lip curled slightly into a wicked little grin.  With an audible noise, she flicked the button on his pants.


He leapt up and whipped her pants off in one movement, pulling so hard she ended up between his knees.  Perfect position for her to peel the jeans from his hips.  A second later he was standing over her nothing but black boxer briefs.  He wanted to touch her first but she was too fast.

Devin stroked her hand over his shorts, which were useless in his condition.  He tilted his head back and exhaled, making his chest and abs flex. 

The joking was gone.  Nicky hauled her up the mattress, admiring the flat plane of her body broken only by the scrap of purple lace that circled her hips, the tiny triangle of silk that disappeared between her legs.  She hooked her fingers into the soft waistband of his shorts and gently pushed them away with one hand.  Her other hand wrapped around his hard length.  His eyes fluttered closed at her touch.

Nicky dragged her panties free, kissed his way up her thigh and took up position over her once more. 

Holy shit hurry, she thought as she pulled him into a kiss.  Short of breath, they were both barely holding it together.  She slid her hand around him once more, guided him to the spot and waited for him to wait.

But he didn’t.  Nicky kissed her hard and slowly, steadily pushed himself inside.  She moaned against his mouth.  It was too much everything all at once.  He whispered in Swedish as his head fell against her shoulder.  His back was rounded with the effort of trying to go slow.

“Nicky,” she said.  Once he was in he began to move, to stroke gently at first as her body made room for all of him.  Devin’s breath caught and she clutched his shoulders.

“Okay?” he asked without stopping.  He couldn’t stop.

“God yes,” she panted.

He went again, with slightly more force, forcing more air from her lungs.  Devin lifted her hips and held on.  His body was a solid hulk of muscle and endless smooth skin.  She ran her hands up his thighs and over his ass, encouraging him to move faster.  He obliged.  As quickly as they’d stripped each other, Nicky was thrusting hard.

He needed to have her, and quickly.  He needed to take her breath away.  Because he wasn’t going to last long.

Nicky was completely at the mercy of his hormones, which were quickly approaching the boiling point.  Normally he’d have asked her permission one last time before claiming her body.  But tonight there was no waiting for anything.

His lifted her ass clear off the bed, positioning so he drove into her soft, swollen core like a drawer sliding home.  She was so small in his hands.  Her rapid breathing tapped against his neck where she hung on.

“Devin,” he whispered.  Please be close.

“Oh God.”  Her voice wavered to match the vibration in her body.  It had been just a few minutes; he wanted more, wanted to impress, but mostly he wanted to feel her shatter a moment before he lost his mind. 

This isn’t enough.

He pulled free and flipped her over quickly.  She squeaked as he came down on her back, holding her legs together between his thighs and going deep on the first stroke.  Devin coiled against him and moaned loudly.

That’s more like it.

He put his mouth to her ear.  She turned as best she could and kissed him on the downswing, closing her eyes against the pressure.  From this angle, at this pace, he was too big and she was too tight and everything pure white.

“I want to…,” he started to say. 

The guys always boasted about the things they said to girls in bed.  Nicky couldn’t believe anyone slept with some of them.  A few had gotten slapped for their efforts – those girls were like folk heroes in the locker room.  The phrases sounded crude even in native English, and to Nicky they never said what he meant anyway.

“I want to take you,” he said.  It was the closest he could get.

Devin guided his hand between her stomach and the mattress, pressing it right to her hot button.  The skin was slick to his touch.  She moved a few times until he got the idea then groaned as he proved he was no rookie.

Pressure built in Devin’s body like an airplane gaining altitude.  Eventually, something would have to burst.  Nicky’s thick fingers were making quick work of her; his weight on her hips, his breath on her neck and the simple, sexy things he said were the final miles left to climb.

She closed her eyes, bit her lip and let it go.  It was like high-impact collision – slamming hard then going silent, weightless as everything flew outward from center.  She came with a gasp that made her toes curl.

The moment she fell, he jumped.  His huge chest bowed over her back like a roof against rain.  His grip stopped both of them from moving.  The only motion was the hammering of his heart and the pounding of his body as it drained into hers.

“Wow,” he breathed.  Gingerly rolling off but never losing contact, Nicky twisted his arms around Devin and kept her close.  She tipped over, her chest heaving.

Nicky’s instinct was to explain.  But how to tell a girl that you were so hot for her you couldn’t last?  That you couldn’t stop yourself once you started?  It was a little much for the first or third date, whichever they were on.  He was already a horny mess he didn’t need to be creepy too.

Plus, she was smiling.  And her hand traced tiny circles along his tailbone.  Nicky pulled a damp strand of hair from her forehead and kissed its path.

“Off day,” she sighed blissfully.

“Maybe some workouts,” he suggested.


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